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But what happens when the pills don't work?

Viagra, Levitra or Cialis don't work for everyone or in some men they cause unacceptable side effects. Some men take other medicines that can negatively interact with these pills or have medical conditions that make it dangerous to take these pills.

The next step is to check on a man's hormones with a simple blood test. Often a hormone imbalance is the culprit and putting them back into balance can help a great deal.

There are other very effective remedies for erectile dysfunction which include vacuum devices (that draws blood into the penis and then a ring is placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection) as well as injection therapy. This involves a tiny needle and special medicines are injected directly into the penis causing an almost immediate erection. The concept of an injection into the penis can be concerning for some men. Diabetics inject themselves all the time. This is a very popular approach for many men.

Lastly there is a surgical implant which can be the right solution when other methods are not effective.

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