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Dr. Gary Bellman, M.D.
Board Certified Urologist & Anti-Aging Physician
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Enhanced Longevity, Human Growth Hormone, and Weight loss

Men who have low testosterone levels are at risk of living 3 years fewer than men who have testosterone in normal levels. Therefore, hormone replacement in men can definitely be anti-aging and enhance longevity.

When testosterone is replaced, some of it is converted into Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Get your Growth Hormone Level checked with a simple blood test called IGF-1.

When fertility is an issue of when a man wants to stimulate his own production of testosterone, HCG (Human chorianic gonadotrophin) or clomid is often prescribed by Dr Bellman as well as arimidex to lower estradiol levels.

Testosterone replacement has been shown to help men live longer. Men with normal testosterone will live on the average 3 years longer than men with low testosterone.

Dr. Bellman is uniquely suited to provide the best care to men; as both a urologist knowledgeable in the male anatomy/function, as well as an anti-aging expert.

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