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Is Optimal Health Reliant on a Balance of Hormones?

Posted By: Dr. Gary Bellman on March 9, 2017

Our overall health is dependent on a balance of hormones, not just a single hormone.  Currently, men with low androgen hormones can benefit from hormone replacement therapy.  Men with imbalances in their levels of testosterone to estrogen and progesterone can also benefit hormone replacement.
Supplemental hormones can be given by mouth (not recommended), injection, topical, or implantation in the form of pellets.  Androgen supplementation, in states of deficit, improves alertness and produces a feeling of well-being, with a reduction in abdominal fat and enhanced lean body mass.
Testosterone production in males is mainly a testicular function. The pituitary sex hormones luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulate and regulate this function.  Specifically, LH stimulates testosterone production in the testicles.  This process is under negative feedback, meaning that testosterone levels regulate LH secretion.  FSH and testosterone stimulate sperm production.
Why Measure Male Hormones?
Measurements of hormones can be used in two general ways:
• To estimate the body’s own production as a baseline test.
• To measure levels of hormones after supplementation in therapeutic monitoring.
This Test is For You if You Are:
Middle-aged and experiencing any of these conditions:
• Impaired libido
• Erectile dysfunction
• Baldness and/or extremity hair thinning
• Fat accumulation around the waist
• Urinary problems such as pain, frequency or urgency— or interrupted stream
• Changes in sleeping habits
• Lack of enthusiasm for life
• Increase in bad cholesterol—decrease in good cholesterol
• Osteoporosis
Young and experiencing any of these conditions:
• Impaired libido
• Erectile dysfunction
• Early baldness
• Inability to lose weight
A simple blood test can help restore well-being, vitality and passion for life.  Taking hormones without an evaluation of the actual need for specific hormones entails risks that are both serious and unnecessary.  

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