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Restore Your Hormones

Posted By: Dr. Gary Bellman on April 25, 2013

Loss of motivation, energy, libido, and stamina are key symptoms of declining hormones and is usually what drives patients into the waiting rooms of anti-aging doctors.  These are also “classic” symptoms of decreasing hormone levels and the reason hormone replacement therapy is the No. 1 ‘go to’ prescription of anti-aging medicine.

Production of normal testosterone levels in men begins to decrease rapidly after age 35.  Dr. Gary Bellman is an Anti-Aging Expert, and many of his male patients resort to different forms of therapy.  This is where Dr. Bellman’s expertise will benefit in helping his patients choose the best form of therapy; as it differs from patient to patient.

For any questions regarding testosterone replacement/consultation, Dr. Bellman can be reached at 818-703-9500

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