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These days Anti-Aging is such a hot topic.  Luckily, the key to anti-aging is within your reach.  When it comes to translating messages, inducing reactions, protecting tissue– it’s all about your hormones.  From regulating metabolism to controlling immune function and reproduction, hormones are very much key players in all that you are– physically speaking at least.

Most people associate human growth hormone and DHEA with aging, but progesteronetestosterone, and estrogen are a part of aging as well.  If there is an imbalance of any of these hormones, it can cause a serious toll on your body and can be a good indication of the aging process.

DHEA is a hormone produced from cholesterol by the adrenal glands inside the body. This hormone plays a huge role in the formation of sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone.)

Approximately, mid-late twenties, DHEA begins to decline; Contributing to the aging process.  Therapy alongside with DHEA can be helpful not only towards the Anti-Aging process but also with auto-immune disorders, obesity, dementia, osteoporosis and fatigue. In some cases, it may be more effective to replace testosterone or estrogen to correct imbalances rather than DHEA.

Dr. Bellman is an expert in this field of practice and will put you at ease with his expertise and knowledge of this matter.
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