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As summer is almost fully upon us, the temps raise and the more water we drink.  But, what about those rumors we’ve heard about plastic water bottles causing cancer?  We are all surrounded by BPA (Bisphenol A, a chemical used in plastics).  Its in our homes, workplaces, schools, and recreational areas.  BPA is found from the lining of food cans and paper plates, in beverage bottles, and even in receipts.

Several studies have recorded the danger of BPA in our bodies lies in its relationship to estrogen.  BPA resembles (but is not exactly like) natural estrogens, and can mimic or disrupt the actions of the body’s own estrogens, for both males and females.” When a body has too much estrogen, it can initiate cancer and precancerous lesions in estrogen-sensitive tissues.

So, should you ditch your water bottle?   Re-using plastic bottles has been proven to cause more BPA to seep out of the product and into the water.  It’s even worse for water bottles left in the sun or in a hot car, as the sun causes the chemicals in the plastic to leak into the beverage.

BPA is persistent in a sense that it is everywhere.  Best to avoid it to the best of one’s ability.  Research has proven this chemical to be disruptive for normal functioning… right down to the level of individual cells in the human body.

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