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This day in age, Americans seem to think that every health problem can be solved with a pill.  Certainly, many are, especially infectious diseases that need antibiotics, antifungals and increasingly, antivirals.

Most recently, the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommended that postmenopausal women refrain from taking supplemental calcium and vitamin D. After reviewing many studies, the task force stated that there was little evidence that these supplements prevent fractures in otherwise healthy women.

Several studies have linked calcium supplements to an increased risk of heart attacks and death from cardiovascular disease.  Others have found no effect, depending on the population studied and when calcium supplementation was began.

This debate has left many, especially postmenopausal women, wondering whether they should be taking calcium.  Given the conditional evidence currently available, the answer is not likely to be greeted enthusiastically by anyone other than the food industry who supplies the foods and drinks that are considered some of the best dietary sources of calcium.

Best to speak with your physician to better understand and weigh the options before taking on a daily supplement!

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