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Can you boost your body’s production of testosterone?

This is an extremely common question and usually starts off by asking, “Can you boost your body’s production of testosterone naturally? The answer is no.

There are numerous recommendations about what exercises to try and which vegetables or fruits to eat but these claims are not true.

Testosterone replacement is usually the only option for men with hypogonadism, or Low T.

This can be in the form of creams or gels, injections and the ever increasingly popular pellets (Testopel). For many men testosterone replacement is very successful at achieved the desired results of enhanced energy, mood, libido, sexual function and strength and vitality.

A man’s testosterone can be boosted with fertility drugs called Clomid or HCG. Depending on a man’s goals and age, this can be used in conjunction with testosterone replacement or as sole therapy.

Clomid is an oral pill often used for women undergoing fertility treatment and HCG is an injectable.

In order to know what is right for you, find a doctor whom has expertise in anti-aging and hormone manipulation.  Additionally, a physician who is also prepared to use any and all of these therapies.

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