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Growing older is a gift that many don’t get to experience. All who are lucky enough to continue aging have plenty of reasons to be grateful.  However, that’s not to imply that growing older is necessarily a bed of roses.  From aches, pains, mental fog, reduced agility, less acuity, diminished sex drive, loss of muscle tone, easier weight gain, and more… growing old “gracefully” can be challenging for men.
However, there are some best practices and health tips for slowing down the aging process, or at the very least, feeling better as you grow older. 

These simple action items include lifestyle best practices such as:
  • Getting plenty of exercise
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Reducing alcohol intake
  • Sleeping 6-8 hours each night
  • Drinking plenty of water
 Yet even when adopting these healthy practices, there are some biological processes that even the seemingly healthiest men can’t avoid.  In this case, we’re talking about the reduction in hormone production that will affect men as they age.
At the Male Anti-Aging Institute, in West Hills, California, Board-Certified Urologist, and Angi-Aging Medicine Specialist Dr. Gary Bellman, focuses his practice on helping men to look and feel their best as they age through hormone balancing (also known as hormone replacement, or hormone optimization).
Hormones play a vital role in everyday health and wellbeing.  Far beyond impacting our mental or emotional state, hormones also support multiple bodily functions. For example, hormones help regulate metabolism, play a role in your appetite, influence your sleep cycles, contribute to cell growth and repair, and of course, are integral to fertility and reproduction. 
As strange as it seems, although hormones play an essential role in health and wellbeing, one-third to one-half of men over the age of 35 have low levels of testosterone (known as Low-T).  This is particularly troubling, as studies have shown that men with normal testosterone will live on average 3 years longer than men with low testosterone.
So, if you’re ready to feel your best, Dr. Bellman will be glad to test your hormone levels at the Male Anti-Aging Institute in West Hills. He will work with you to provide the best course of treatment to feel better than you’ve felt in years (via hormone replacement, or medication that will lower estradiol levels, and stimulate your own production of testosterone).
Schedule an appointment with top Male Anti-Aging Physician, Dr. Gary Bellman today. His friendly team can be reached at 818-912-1899

For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Gary Bellman, please contact the office or call 818-912-1899

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