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Herbal supplements advertised to help improve men’s sexual abilities often contain the active ingredients in erectile dysfunction pills such as Viagra.  Researchers found that some of these over-the-counter ‘herbal remedies’ contained more of the ingredient than is even approved for pharmaceuticals.

Convenience of these products may be tempting, but keep in mind the contents have labeling problems, indicating poor quality production, and unsafe ingredients possibly hazardous to your health. In some cases, expiration dates or lot numbers were missing, manufacturers could not be identified, or samples of the same product had different appearances.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is in charge of regulating herbal supplements, posted 11 warnings to consumers in 2013 alerting them of unlabeled pharmaceuticals being found in these products.

In an investigation by the FDS 91 samples from 58 products were analyzed; 57 of the products claimed to be “all natural,” 81 percent of them contained the Tadalafil or Sildenafil (marketed as Cialis and Viagra) or similar ingredients that are not approved by the FDA.

Best to avoid these so called ‘Herbal Supplements’ aimed for improving men’s sexual abilities!

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