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A new study revealed that the elderly with vitamin D deficiencies were more likely to have at least one functional problem, such as functioning independently, compared to people with healthy levels of the vitamin.

Vitamin D helps build bone and muscle, and can help prevent the effects of bone diseases like osteoporosis.  The sun can help the body produce vitamin D, and is found naturally in foods like fish-liver oils, fatty fishes, mushrooms, egg yolks, and is often added to milk as well.

One of the reasons we may be vitamin D deficient is we’re avoiding the sun and wearing sun screen.  That’s great for skin cancer prevention, not such good news for our vitamin D levels.

The findings indicate low vitamin D levels in older individuals may contribute to the declining ability to perform daily activities.  Supplementation could provide a way to prevent physical decline, but the idea needs to be explored further with additional studies.

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