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A new study has found that men who have low testosterone levels may have an increased risk of developing or dying from heart disease.
It’s estimated that below-normal levels of testosterone affect roughly 39% of men over the age of 45.  Now, a recent study finds that men with low testosterone levels may have increased risks of developing or even in some cases having fatal results due to heart disease.What Are the Symptoms of ‘Low T’?

Testosterone is a is a male sex hormone that helps maintain sex drive, sperm production, and overall bone health.  Low levels of testosterone may sometimes be referred to as androgen deficiency syndrome or hypogonadism, which is a failure of the testes to produce adequate amounts of androgen (male hormones, including testosterone and androstenedione).  When low levels of testosterone in particular occur, both sexual and non-sexual symptoms may be the result. Sexual signs may include a decreased desire for sex, weaker and fewer erections, and generally poor erectile function.  Non-sexual symptoms may include increased body fat, reduced muscle mass, increased fatigue, decreased energy, and depression.

Over time, low testosterone may contribute to an increase in body fat, loss of body hair, and muscle mass.  When we reviewed the existing research into testosterone and cardiovascular disease, a growing body of evidence suggested a modest connection between the two.

Based on current findings, though, it cannot be ruled out that low t and heart disease both result from poor overall health.

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