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Men with low testosterone levels that contract COVID-19 are at far greater risk of dying from the virus, a new study from a German hospital has found.

The study looked at 45 COVID-19 patients and the role that testosterone plays. Testosterone is key in how the body initiates and regulates various immune responses, including fighting viral infections. The hormone is known to help regulate the body’s immune response but when a man has low levels of testosterone; the immune system is not kept in check and can lead to a ‘cytokine storm’ which can be fatal.

A third to half of men over age 35 have low levels of testosterone, and this can mean that you are more susceptible to viruses. Considering that 58% of those with SARS-CoV2 (the cause of COVID-19) are male, testosterone levels are something to really pay attention to. According to the National Institutes of Health “low testosterone levels can cause a reduction of respiratory muscles activity and overall strength and exercise capacity.” Because one of the initial manifestations of COVID is pneumonia, the dangers of low testosterone are all too real.

Unfortunately, our testosterone levels decrease as we get older. The potential effects this can have on your body include: low sex drive, fatigue, reduced muscle mass, erectile dysfunction and depression. And according to Board Certified Urologist and Male Anti-Aging Physician, Dr. Gary Bellman, “the male sex hormone testosterone also regulates your immune system, and that is not something you can afford to have compromised right now.”

Good health and strong immunity are essential, in today’s world more than ever. And the dangers of low testosterone are significant and must be addressed, especially now.

For an appointment or consultation with top Southern California Urologist and Founder of the Male Anti-Aging Institute, Dr. Gary Bellman, please contact the office or call 818-912-1899

For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Gary Bellman, please contact the office or call 818-912-1899