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Phthalates Could Lead to Low Levels of Testosterone??

A recent report published in Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that men, women, and children with high levels of phthalates also had lower levels of testosterone compared to people with lower levels of phthalates.

Most people are unaware of the importance that testosterone plays in the human body.  Testosterone is responsible for many vital activities such as being the main sex hormone in men.  It also actively contributes to activities in the female body, and in both genders, helps brain functionphysical growth with strengthbone density, and cardiovascular health. The rise in trend of decreased level of testosterone has been linked to an increase in numbers of several health conditions to include a decline in the quality of semen and increased malformations of genitals in newborn babies.

Phthalates is usually found in plastic containers used to store food and personal care products.  However, studies reveal the same phthalates chemical has also been noted to block or restrict the effects of testosterone on a person’s vital tissues and organs.

Researchers discovered evidence that indicates reduced levels of circulating testosterone is linked to an increased exposure of phthalates. This study stated the effect phthalates for reduction of testosterone includes age 6-12 years old for boys and between 40-60 for men and women and a decrease in testosterone levels could be due to increased exposure of phthalates, which is a strong endocrine-disrupting chemical.

An author from Michigan School of Public Health, John D Meeker MS, ScD, stated the decreasing levels of testosterone can be a major public health problem because it is the compound responsible for reproduction in men and women. Lower levels of the compound can hamper energy levels, libido, and even bone health in both men and women.

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