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Low testosterone (Low T) and testosterone therapy– you hear about it on TV, on the Internet, and at the gym.  The enormous industry that has sprung up to capitalize on this problem has contributed to a dangerous rise in the unregulated sale and use of testosterone supplements.

Should every man consider testosterone therapy once he reaches a certain age?  Should it be considered when and if symptoms appear or before symptoms appear?  Is it safe?

When these questions arise, some men may resort to testosterone pills, but these are proven to be poorly absorbed and have been associated with liver damage.  Also when a quick fix is sought after, men commonly reach for labels stating to include ‘natural’ testosterone boosters; This is where the truth comes in…Many of those ingredients found in testosterone booster aren’t effective.

These products contain ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, yohimbe, arginine, and epimedium (horny goat weed).  They are stated to increase levels of hormones, including testosterone, luteinizing hormone, DHEA, and dihydrotestosterone, which explains why such products are often used to enhance muscle strength and athletic performance as well as counter male impotence.

Many so-called ‘testosterone boosters’ are not drugs, but some of them are (or contain) testosterone-derived ‘designer’ steroids and are not FDA approved.  For more information, take a look at this link with a list of ingredients commonly found in testosterone boosters.

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