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Many studies haven taken a look at the effect of androgen-replacement therapy on late-onset hypogonadism within the states, but most were found to be on a smaller and short-term scale.

A new study carried out by a Japanese physician, Hiroyuki Konada, M.D., sought out for further, extensive research in his country; Conducting 334 men under a testosterone replacement therapy trial who were 50-90 years of age and had a serum-free testosterone level below 11.8 pg/mL to 1 of 2 groups.  A total of 169 men received up to 12 intramuscular injections of testosterone enanthate 250 mg every 4 weeks, and 165 men were a part of the control group.

Dr. Konada found that the ability to carry out physical and emotional roles improved in men who received testosterone replacement and declined in men who did not.

After the 52 week trial, the men who received testosterone replacement experienced significant improvement in muscle volume, physical role functioning, and erectile function.

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