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The Truth About Penis Size

The results from a recent multinational poll about penis length have been recently released. While unscientific in methodology, the results revealed that the average length of an American man’s erect penis is 5.35 inches. This places America as #59 out of 86 nations in penis length. This average length matches the results of other, more verifiable studies that have been previously conducted.

The poll found that men in Ecuador have on average longer penises, with the erect length at 6.93 inches. Conversely, the average length for a man’s penis in Cambodia was 3.95 inches.

Penis Size and Self Confidence

If your penis is smaller than the average size, take comfort. Studies have shown in heterosexual couples that nearly 9/10 women are satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. Less than 15% wished their partner had a larger size, and 2% would prefer that their partners penis was smaller. In other words, for most heterosexual couples, penis size has no bearing on pleasurable sex. If you’re struggling with self-confidence issues about the size of your penis, talk with your urologist.

Is Penis Enlargement Safe?

There are dozens of creams, stretching devices, supplements, and other “treatments” available online that claim to increase penis size. The American Urological Association’s stance on all of them is that they do not work.

In some cases, a surgical procedure may be available, but you’ll need to discuss this with your urologist. In many cases, this will not significantly lengthen the penis. Fat injections may also be available but when effective, tend to increase the girth, rather than the length of the penis.

Under no circumstances, should you attempt, what the man who claims to have the largest penis in the world, says he did to increase the length of his penis. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera went viral years ago for measuring his penis. He claims that he began hanging weights on his penis in his youth. Today, he reportedly suffers from chronic urinary tract infections.

Testosterone Replacement and Sex: What to Know

If your sex life is lagging, it likely has nothing to do with the size of your penis. Instead, it may be that you’re just dealing with low testosterone, which affects most men after age 35. Low levels of testosterone have been linked to weight gain, decreased libido (sex drive), decrease in energy, difficulty maintaining an erection, depressed mood, and a general lack of energy. If you’re struggling with your sex life, talk with your urologist about testosterone replacement therapy.

Dr. Gary Bellman, MD – Board Certified Urologist

If you’re struggling with self-confidence or self-esteem, including feeling insecure about the size of your penis, schedule an appointment at the Male Anti-Aging Institute today. Board Certified Urologist and Male Anti-Aging Specialist Dr. Gary Bellman can help you to determine if testosterone replacement therapy can help you regain your stamina, confidence, and sexual self-esteem.

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