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The idea of taking supplements, vitamins, and minerals to help extend your life is somewhat seductive, given the vast options and often times even here-say of what is new and on the ‘up and up’.

When it comes to fads and what is considered to be popular, it is best to give it some thought before taking on supplement(s) into an every day dietary regimen.

As we get older, there are nutrients our bodies require to keep healthy and disease free; Therefore, leading many of us to turn to the supplement industry and possibly over do it. So what should you do for a longer, healthier life? Keep in mind that the best source of ingredient is food. Consulting with your physician before taking on supplements is a good idea!

Dr. Bellman recommends these vitamins & dosages for his male patients;
Vitamin D- at least 2000 IU (I take 5000IU); more in the winter and less in the summer
DHEA 25mg-40mg, Resveratrol, baby ASA, fish oil,
Don’t take Vitamin E and Selenium!

For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Gary Bellman, please contact the office or call 818-912-1899