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Both men and women who doze off during the day can benefit from salmon, eggs, or a bit of time in the sun; All of which increase Vitamin D levels.

We’ve seen evidence that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with sleep problems, particularly with daytime sleepiness.  There are other important questions that arise; We can see an association between Vitamin D deficiency and daytime sleepiness, but we don’t have an understanding of  exact cause and effect.

– Is a Vitamin D deficiency directly responsible for excessive daytime sleepiness and other sleep problems?  Or is poor sleep a consequence of other medical conditions associated with Vitamin D deficiency, such as chronic pain?

If you’re at risk for Vitamin D deficiency, talk to your doctor. Supplements, dietary changes, and safe exposure to sun can all help boost levels in the body.
Making sure your body has sufficient levels of Vitamin D offers important health protections and, perhaps, a welcome boost of energy in place of daytime sleepiness.

Dr. Bellman recommends that men should take at least 200 IU any where upwards to 5000 IU depending on their blood levels and sun exposure.

For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Gary Bellman, please contact the office or call 818-912-1899