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How Will Hormone Replacement Help Me?


Hormone replacement or hormone rebalancing can help virtually every cell in the body and Dr Bellman has helped hundreds of men feel and function better. The benefits of hormone replacement for men can be divided into the sexual benefits and the overall health benefits.


Testosterone enhances a man’s libido (interest in things of a sexual nature). Many men’s libido diminishes and he is not as interested in sex or intimacy which can often translate into relationship conflicts.The quality of men’s erections can also diminish, where man men’s erections are either not sufficiently firm or hard or they can not sustain an erection for a long enough time. Many men have become reliant on medication like viagra, levitra or cialis and hormone replacement can alleviate the need for these medications in many men. Many men complain that when they climax they do not produce as much fluid as they did or they don’t find orgasm as pleasurable; hormone replacement can help with that as well.


Testosterone is an important hormone that contributes greatly to a man’s overall health. It can help make men ‘feel’ better as far as their mood. Some men have a tendency to have low energy or feel depressed. In many men hormone replacement can help men feel better, better memory and even prevent dementia and Alzheimer.Many men don’t sleep well and are often dosing off, needing to take naps and have insomnia. Testosterone replacement has been shown to enhance men’s sleep with improved REM sleep.

Some men have what is called metabolic syndrome, which is related to problems with diabetes, cholesterol and weight gain. Testosterone can help with this condition as well as lead to enhanced weight loss. Studies with testosterone replacement have shown significant reductions in men’s waist size. Testosterone therapy can help prevent osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) and the risk of fracturing a bone.

On occasion when I ask a patient of mine, how he is doing regarding erections, intimacy, workouts, the response I get is, “I am doing ok for a 47 year old…I think?”

My response is as follows: when someone goes to see the eye doctor they don’t say, “Please correct my eyes to those of a 47-year-old,” do they? Everyone wants 20/20 vision.

The same applies to one’s hormones. All men regardless of age should have their hormones optimized so they can feel and function at an optimal level.